Autumn is here! Whilst I love summer, I really love this time of year. It’s a bit cooler, things seem less manic, we’re basking in the glow of summer and making the most of the warmer days that we’re gifted with.

The real estate market has slowed down a little after another bumper summer sales season. Listings are still strong – as is demand. Interest rates are still low – and we’re getting some great deals from lenders.

The one thing that I want you to beware of is sale prices – whether you’re a buyer or seller. Prices are changing a little at the moment – there’s some fluctuation in the market, instead of the constant escalation we’ve seen over the past few years. What this means is that, as a seller, you need to be reading the market and engaging a great agent. Having a lofty sales price in your mind is good, but you need a bit of flexibility around it with a view to recent comparable sales. Your agent should be able to give you this data.

As a buyer, the concern with paying above market rate is that you need to ensure the lender’s valuation meets your purchase price otherwise your finance might come up short.

If there’s anything I can help you with regarding your finance, please let me know. I’d love to help!

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