No matter how much I love summer, I do love the changing of seasons. Are you the same or are you dreading the thought of the cold that is coming?

We just had the best holiday in Bali. It was so good to get away, recharge and enjoy the beautiful sunshine, amazing organic food and the people. It’s the kindness of the people that is the memory that lingers with us.

It was our first real holiday with our son, Bear, and he loved every moment of it – well maybe not the flight over there… that was a whole other ordeal that involved me pacing the aisles for four hours of the flight! But the holiday and flight home were just what we needed.

If you haven’t had a holiday lately, book one! They are good for the soul. If you want some tips on Bali, let me know. I’m happy to share all the good stuff we found, did and ate.

Bear is turning one this month and I cannot believe how fast that year has gone. He’s gone from my beautiful baby to a gorgeous toddler who is full of love, laughter and mischief. Every moment with him feels like a gift.

Despite the changing property markets around the country, we’ve still been busy helping people with home and investment loans. People are making the most of the price correction that is currently happening in many markets and they’re either getting into the market for the first time or finding a well-priced investment property.

I also have many clients who are upgrading – selling their homes and buying new.

So don’t be scared off by any negative media talk. People are buying and selling, and, if the time is right for you, make it happen. Please get in touch and we can discuss your finance options, your borrowing capacity and tips to help you look good to lenders.

Negotiation skills are key right now, so harness your powers of negotiation. If you need help, let me know and I can give you some pointers or refer you to a colleague who can do it for you.

Enjoy the sunny days and the cooler nights.

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